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Officer Justin Garner Carthage NC Police Military Bracelets Memorial Bracelets Memorial Wristband Fallen Officer Bracelets Memory Bracelets Photo BraceletOfficer Justin Garner Carthage NC Police Military Bracelets Memorial Bracelets Memorial Wristband Fallen Officer Bracelets Memory Bracelets Photo Bracelet

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Boys & Girls club Lunchon 2018
Boys & Girls club Lunchon 2018
Boys & Girls club Lunchon 2018
Boys & Girls club Award recipient
======================================================Boys & Girls club Award recipient

Boys & Girls club Award recipient======================================================

Boys & Girls club Award recipient



Dear Mike,

I received the Tye Bands today that you sent me.

They are really great and you're right... Brian's eyes are so real
looking that it almost appears that he's looking at me.

I will wear it everyday !

Thank you so much

God Bless you,your family and especially your son

Ray Moore

Boys & Girls club Award recipient


Boys & Girls club Award recipient

At 04:17 PM 8/1/2014, you wrote:

Mr. Pratt,

On behalf of the Men and Women and Citizen’s of the Salt River
Pima-Maricopa Community (SRPMIC), thank you for the Tye Bands in
memory of our Fallen Officer Jair Cabrera on May 24, 2014. We will
make sure they get to his family. Again sir, thank you and our
prayers are with you and your family also.

Chief Patrick R. Melvin, M.Ed.
Chief of Police
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Police Department
10137 East Osborn Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85256

Boys & Girls club Award recipient

Boys & Girls club Award recipient

At 04:04 PM 7/23/2014, you wrote:

Today, July 23, 2014 I received a call from our Patrol Department. I
was asked to come to the LT's office. I am honored to have been given
the Tye Bands for myself and my family.
My fianc? passed away on October 10, 2010 and I was not notified for
over 6 hours, after I had entered on duty for my 12 hour day shift. I
carry an itty bitty chip on my shoulder because at the time my 9 year
old son was made a promise by his father 7U Officer Merrill A.
Bruguier of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe that he would always come
home to us. So today almost 4 years later, I would like to say thank
you for your thoughtfulness and your compassion for law enforcement officers.
May you be blessed every day with the knowledge that your kind
gestures help heal hearts.


Memory Cook and Ethan Bruguier
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

At 11:12 AM 2/24/2014, you wrote:

I got the Tye Band today. Thank you so much I absolutely love it.
I started crying when I saw it... it is so beautiful and the detail is amazing!!!
Again thank you so much.
Shaunna Allen

At 03:05 PM 1/18/2014, you wrote:
Dear Mr. Pratt,

Thank you so much for the TYE bands for myself and Ofc Jason
schneider's parents.  Also, I loved the ring as well.  What great
mementoes to remember and honor my husband by.  Thank you for thinking
of me and my family during this difficult time.  It is greatly appreciated.

God Bless,
Ericka Schneider










At 07:33 AM 2/18/2013, you wrote:

We want to THANK YOU for the "TYE BAND" that you sent to us in memory of our son
"RICKY RAY ISSAC JR." we are beyond words, as you already know that it's not easy, but
knowing the outpour of love and sharing with this HERO circle of FAMILIES, helps us to
know that someone else understand our pain... We love you and continue to pray for us on
this journey..THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Ricky Sr & Aquanetta Issac




At 12:15 PM 10/28/2012, you wrote:
To: Mike Pratt Sr.
You are a remarkable person with a God-given Talent.  Brittany
Gordon's  Homegoing Service was yesterday and the glass coin domes
were beautiful.
Also, Her father and several of the  Gordon Family wore the
Brittany-Tye bands with pride.  They are beautiful.
Thank you so much for what you do as you have been a Blessing to us.
Look forward to meeting you when you come to the Tampa Bay Area.
Joyce Jolliff

At 09:49 PM 11/28/2012, you wrote:

So great talking to you.  I love that I am ordering from a couple who TRULY puts meaning into this...
Not just someone trying to make a "buck" off of someone's misfortune and sorrow.

You are truly amazing.

God Bless you both and all that you are doing to keep the memories alive.

Most Sincerely,
Laura Clare









At 07:58 AM 12/9/2011,

I was the recent recipient of the Ofc. Tye Pratt Award through the
Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center from the 181st Basic.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the scholarship and the impact
that your family has on law  enforcement.
You are truly a wonderful foundation which touches anyone
in law enforcement. I know how much it means to me and how I will
carry the memory and honor with me throughout my entire career. I will
certainly put the scholarship money to good use on some equipment I
have been eyeing. Once again, I would like to express my extreme pride
and honor for being chosen as the recipient.
Thank You Very Much,
Officer John Buck
Albion, Nebraska Police Dept.




At 05:59 PM 10/14/2011, you wrote:

Mr. Mike Pratt Sr.

I want to start off by saying it was an honor and a privilege to
speak with you. I loved hearing your stories and like i stated i will
keep in touch and talk with you a bit. It's words like you stated to me
on the phone that let me know what I'm doing in life isn't going unseen.
It's people like you that let me know i've made the right career choice
in life and am changing it one person or arrest at a time. I am deeply
sorry for your lose, but it amazes me how strong and humble of a
person you are. You are and will always be a valuable member in the
Police Officer Brother Hood and just want to say thank you for the
great pieces of work you provide for us, which help us cope with what's

I sent in my order for Craig Shaw's Tye Band. I did the Silver,
Aluminum Portrait. I want the Tye Band to look exactly like you have
online with the blue trim and color portrait. If that's more then go
ahead and charge my credit card and let me know the price. I greatly
appreciate it sir.

God Bless you & your Family

Officer M. Faulkner #272
Hutchins Police Dept.




At 05:06 PM 7/5/2011, you wrote:
Thank you. Got my tye bands today they are beautiful. I will wear mine with honor.

Jean Doolittle
Sgt. Kristopher J. Gould was my nephew
At 08:44 AM 5/5/2011, you wrote:
Thank you so much.  It was a pleasure to get to talk to Mr. Pratt and to do business with you.
In a time where it is usually voice recordings and automated emails, ordering from you all was a wonderful experience.
I wish you all the best in the future.
God bless, Christin




Good morning Mr. Pratt,

I would like to thank you on behalf of my boys, mother-in-law and
myself.  We received the wristbands a couple of days ago. They are
absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for creating them. My husband
was, is and will always be my hero.

Thank you again for your kindness.
Very thankful,

Debbie Castillo




I just want to say thank you so much for honoring Roger by changing
his portrait. I emailed all my family and friends so they can place
their orders. In fact, I did mine last night. I love my Tye Band and
having Roger everywhere I go makes me happy. THANK YOU!

Alejandra Morales

Jan. 25, 2011


At 06:59 AM 12/21/2010, you wrote:

RE: In Honor of SSG Dennis J. Hansen

This Memorial web page is wonderful !

Thank you so much for doing this, I apologize for not getting to you sooner,
we have been traveling all month honoring Dennis's memorial day.
But we wish you happy holidays and a great new year to come.

The Boys all have their Tye Bands and love them!

My son won't take his Tye Band off, and shows everyone he meets.

Thank you will never be enough, but just know we are forever connected now and
we will always honor Tye for the rest of our lives.

Jenni and Michael Hansen


At 03:58 PM 11/19/2010, you wrote:

Mr. Pratt, I just received my order and it looks even better in person than it does on your website.
Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on my Tye Band and for creating this wonderful
way to remember a loved one. Now anytime I want to see my dad, Deputy Ralph Peifer, all I have to do
is look down at my wrist.

Thanks Again,
Leah McAlliste




It was good to talk with you today. I want to thank you so much ,for
doing this for Ofc. Tim Barnes and the two departments. I did not know your son ,
however, Tye is my brother in law enforcement and he is with me
everyday I get in my car( I keep his Tye Band ) on my rear view mirror along with Gabby.

I have order two bracelets from you in the past ( Ofc. Michael Garbarino )
and you were very generous in making one for Alan Silver for rocky
Mount Police. Thanks again for what you do for law enforcement and
military fallen.

Brian Ricks


Mike, I'm so glad you received the items I have sent you. Your son
will remain in my heart forever. I recently prayed with my kids by their bedside , and told
them about your son. I told them how we needed brave men like your boy
and what the world would be like without them. When times get tough Mike just remember
their is one officer in Chicago who is trying to be a little more like Tye. Thanks for the
wonderful pics. I will send you a few of my own soon. Your Friend Officer Brian Rodriguez.
P.S. I cryed while typing this e-mail.


Recieved June 2, 2010


At 10:57 PM 4/21/2010, you wrote:

I'm hoping this is the right e-mail address to reach Mike Pratt we
spoke at length on the phone about, well our lives Tye, Danny Martinez
and just lots of things. I really enjoyed the conversation and I hope
you did as well. Mike, I put in the comments on my order form, that I
wasn't sure that I selected the Tye Band that we were talking about.
So, since you know from our conversation what I want, could you please
intercept that order form and make sure I picked the one we discussed
? Since I will be wearing my Tye Band for the rest of my life and will
hand it down to one of my children or grandchildren one day, I sure
want it to be the right one. Like I mentioned earlier Mike, I really
enjoyed our conversation and I hope to stay in touch. God Bless you
and your family you folks have all truly sacrificed and I am will be
honored to wear your product for the rest of my life, and I can assure
you that when people ask me about my Tye Band, not only will I tell
them about Officer Danny Martinez, but I will also tell them about
Officer Tye Pratt.

Thank you in advance for my Tye Band and I can't wait to receive it.

Retired Sergeant Thomas Robinson #4095
Fort Smith Arkansas Police

Officer Trevor Nettleton Las Vegas Nevada Metropolitan Police Military Bracelets Memorial Bracelets Memorial Wristband Fallen Officer Bracelets Memory Bracelets Photo Bracelet
Officer Trevor Nettleton Las Vegas Nevada Metropolitan Police Military Bracelets Memorial Bracelets Memorial Wristband Fallen Officer Bracelets Memory Bracelets Photo Bracelet

At 12:10 PM 2/25/2010, you wrote:


I enjoyed our conversion several weeks ago. You are keeping your son's
memory alive. His courage and dedication to duty continue to be an inspiration.

The Tye Bands arrived and are a great memorial to the all those who
fell from the "Wolfpack." The one with Jon's picture on it turned out
exremely well and I wear it with pride.

I also want to introduce you to an organization I have been working
with locally. It is directed towards Gold Star families and I thought
perhaps you could add it to your site.

I appreciate what you are doing and hope you can help those who are
interested in purchasing additional Tye Bands. I gave Jon's sister and
my wife the extra two I purchased






I was just on your web site looking at the different Tye Bands you have made and found mine for Lts. Choe and Toner. Mike, you outdid yourself!!

I haven't received it as yet, but the picture is incredible. It's the one I wanted without knowing what I wanted!

If it is possible, please email the picture to me so I can forward it to the survivor of the attack, my friend and hero, Cmdr. Kim Lebel.

I will wear it with great pride, not only for Flo and Frank, but alsofor Tye and the many that were willing to risk their lives so the rest of us would not have to.

I enjoyed talking to you and will call again, if I may, when it is time to honor Kim's Purple Heart.

Best Regards,

Marty Stein




I just received the Tye bands last week, and all I have to say is WOW!
Both came out great and the portrait is super clear and looks
fantastic! It literally took my breath away when I opened the package
and saw Nick. They are much better looking in hand and I have gotten a
compliment everyday I wear them. Thank you so much for getting them to
me so quickly and including the pendants which i will share with
family. Again thank you so much for your hard work and time, God Bless.

Martin Dizon - Brother of Ofc. Nick Birco: San Francisco, California
Police Department
Executive Chief
JaK's Grill



Dear Mike,

Thanks so much for the Tye Tags and plaque w/stand.

Just wanted to let you know that I had given Stuart's sister and all
members of her family Tye Bands. She lives in Plano Texas (just
outside of Dallas). She has several Dallas PD officers that are family
friends so she ordered them some of the Tye Bands with Stuart's
picture on them. She explained to them the history of the Tye Band and
what they represent. They proudly wear them and show them to their
fellow Dallas PD Officers and spread the word of the Tye Band and your son.

Stuart's sister enjoyed reading all about your son on your website.

Please tell your family that his legacy lives on with the Tye Bands
just as you intended them to do.

I really enjoyed our phone conversation. It helped me to talk with
someone who has walked in my shoes. CCPD hasn't lost and Officer to
murder for over 20 years. The Officers we have lost in the past 20
years have all been traffic related accidents.

I know all unexpected deaths are traumatic but to me the murder aspect
surrounding my Husband's and your Son's deaths intensify the pain and
agony that we must endure knowing that evil took our loved ones from us.

I told the Police Chaplain and Police Psychologist about our
conversation and they both could see how much it helped me.

God Bless you and your family.
Your friend,
Vicky Alexander



I recieved my tye tag from you yesterday! I love it!! Thank you so
much!!!!!!!!!! It means so much to me to now have Alex watching me and
with me everyday! I ordered the tye tag about 7 days ago, and it came
so much quicker then the confirmation email said! I'm going on
vacation with my fiance this weekend to the west coast of Florida and
I thought it was going to be here when I got back! But now I get to
wear it on vacation. I was so happy when my dad gave me the envelope.
I know you probably don't want to hear about me, but I just had to say
thank you so much for the tye tag! =]] I am very happy with it. Please
tell officer Pratt's father it's a wonderful thing that he's doing and
I'm very please with my order! Thanks again!!!

Colleen Brennan



Mr. Pratt,

I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago and placed an order in memory of Trooper First Class Jimmie Harold White II. 

Today is the 7th year anniversary of Jimmie's accident.  

What you have started with Tye Band and what give to the memory of fallen officers is quite gracious!

I know the family of Jimmie will be honored to receive the bands.   Each in its own is quite beautiful in design. 

No item can replace a soul, but every tiny gesture in remembering ones life is always a positive.

Again, I thank you for your kind words on the phone and what you give back to every family out there who has lost someone! 

I am truly sorry for the loss of your son Tye.  My best wishes to you and your family!


Ericka Kauffman
Tulsa OK



Thank you so very much. The bands are beautiful tributes to two great officers and wonderful family men.
We are deeply grateful to you on their behalf.

Michele Nicholson - Public Information Officer - Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office


I thought you might be interested in some follow up. I ordered and
received 2 Kristine Fairbanks ( Fallen US Forest Service Officer from
WA, EOW Sept 20, 2008 ). I wanted to wear my Tye Band in the Boston
Marathon, which I did. My Tye Bands were custom made and I appreciate
the quality and the fact they were shipped to meet my short deadline.
Kudos to you indeed. It was a great honor to run in Kris' memory and
also feel as though I was honoring all law enforcement (standing and
fallen) by way of the Tye band.

What you don't know is how much the TyeCard that accompanied the band
moved me. I carried it with me throughout the Boston Marathon right
along with the Tye Band around my wrist. I so appreciate its words of
encouragement and perspective and I kept those reminders with me as I
ran. So, thank you so much.

All my best,
Teri Price



Dear Mr. Pratt,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for what AJ�s Bands have done for us! My husband's fellow Troopers were so touched that
I thought that much of them to give them the memory bands.

I would like to place a reorder of 50 bands for NC Trooper AJ Stocks EOW 9-9-08. Is there any chance of receiving those Tye Bands
by the 20th of March? I understand if that is not possible. Please let me know if you need my credit card information again

Thank you so very much for keeping our heroes memories alive!!!

Be Safe. Liane Stock

From the Wife of Cpl, Norman Smith Dallas Police EOW January 6, 2009


Thanks so much for helping me give the family of Officer Silver , something to remember that son by. The bracelet looks great!!
Thanks Mike and employees of The Tye Band Company. You are doing a great thing Mike. We will not forget the sacrifices
of our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement.

Brian Ricks
Nash County Sheriff Office.
Nashville NC


I have just received my bracelets. They are,( my favorite word ), Awesome! Thank you for all of your time and empahty when
you called me to talk about Ben. He was my youngest and the most like me of my children. I can't thank you enough for the extra
things that you have done in honor of my hero, my son, Ben. 

I do need 4 more of the white bracelets with the army helmet picture on it and instead of the flag they would like the army round seal
on one end and the ranger scroll on the other. All of the rest they would like the excate same wording as mine. 

Again thank you for your time and understanding. 
Linda Dillon
Ofc. Pratt

To a Hero with a legacy that will never Fade. Reading your Reflections
I must say that you are truly loved. You?re Family and friends have
kept your memory going. Thank You for Having such a special family who
is willing to help other keep the memories of their Hero's C352 and
G540 of NCSHP alive with Beautiful Bands and it's so true what they
say at Tye Bands "The Bands that TYE us ALL Together" Is Keeping your
Legacy ALIVE! And so many others! May god bless and keep your family
safe with love.




To the family and friends of Tye Pratt and his fellow officers in the
Omaha Police Department:

On behalf of our entire family, we wish to pay honor to Tye's memory
on the fifth anniversary of the week Tye so tragically lost his life.
His heroism, valor and bravery will be forever remembered.

May you be continue to be comforted by the support and caring of your
law enforcement family, and other police survivors. We grieve for you
and with you. Our family lost our beloved Larry Lasater when he was
fatally shot in April of 2005 during a foot pursuit of two bank
robbers, so we know the anquish you are still experiencing.

This reflection is sent with the utmost respect for the years of
service Sgt. Pratt gave to his community and the citizens of Nebraska,
and the supreme sacrifice he and his family made on September 19, 2003.

Phyllis Loya, mother of fallen officer

Larry Lasater, Pittsburg, CA PD eow 4/24/05
Phyllis Loya
mother of Larry Lasater, Pittsburg PD, eow 4/24/0


At 08:01 PM 8/26/2008


I just wanted to let you know that I received the bracelets and they are absolutely beautiful. I sent my husbands' to him to Afghanistan....he didn't get it yet but it's on it's way! Thank you again so very much!

Thanks Again,
Amber Yurkonis



This is Nick's Dad, Dan. The bands looks great! My wife still is wondering about the eyes but i'm assuring her that you know what you are doing and it will look very nice. I will get you that bio. I have actually been trying to type it but I get a few lines and that is about all I can muster at a time.

You have no idea how much it has meant to me to talk to you when I have you on the phone, how you do it I have no idea but i'm sure God has blessed us in the fact that we can run across people like yourself.


I just want to thank you again for doing so much for me. Once again you made Chuck look wonderful. The new Tye Tag you sent me is just beautiful and the key tags are just great. I love everything you make. I also want to thank you for sending me an extra key tag (at no cost) and for not charging me for another Tye Tag. Which I would have paid for in a minute. And again here

you are doing wonderful things for people you don't even know. But in away we are all family losing someone close to you brings everyone together. When I look at Chuck (which is everyday) I think of Tye too and say a prayer for him. We all love our fallen heroes.....................

Thank you again

Dolores Gallagher

At 04:00 PM 7/28/2008, you wrote:

Hi Mike,

My Tye bands came in the mail today!! I am so excited! They are just perfect. They are magnificent. You are so right, it is like Clay is with me. It is a comfort to look down at my wrist and see Clay's picture. I love the graphics and picture. I can't believe how light weight the bands are. Please thank everyone that was involved in making Clay's Tye Band possible. It means so much to me and I will cherish it always. You included an extra white one which is also very awesome. Thank you so much for the time you spent in talking to me and designing the Tye band. I am sure you are right about Clay's dad loving it also. Thank you for the comfort you give by making Tye bands. God bless you and your family.

Kay Langedyke


Good afternoon,

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a couple of the below TyeBands for my girlfriend whose brother was killed in Iraq. Every support group, and meeting she has gone to, everyone always tells her how much they really like her TyeBand. They all wanna know where she got hers so they can get one made by you also. They think that your design is the best they’ve seen. My girlfriend and mother really love theirs, and they always wear them. Thanks!!!

Michael J. Harris



I got the TyeTag in and took it to my mother, she opened it and put it on After looking at it. She has not taken it off since. I can't Thank you enough.

It is truly awesome! You guy's do remarkable work. Take care, god bless. And thank you and all those involved, from the bottom of My heart. The service you provide is invaluable.

Dave Harris

5/9/2008, you wrote:

Mr. and Mrs. Pratt- I just received the bracelets in honor and in memory of NYS Trooper Andy Sperr. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

Trooper Sperr died in the line of duty on March 1, 2006, when he was shot and killed by two bank robbers. Andy did not know about the robbery when he approached the vehicle. The information was not transmitted in enough time across the police frequency. He was shot 4 times. Although being mortally wounded, he was able to return fire, striking both of his assiliants. He was a 10 year veteran of the NYS Police and left behind two wonderful parents, 10 amazing siblings, many nieces and nephews and a beautiful fiance and her two little girls. Life has definitely changed for all of us since that tragic day. My husband, who is also a trooper, knew Andy, but I unfortunately never had the opportunity and priviledge of ever meeting him.

I will wear my bracelet with pride and honor. Everytime I look at it I will remember the sacrifice that Andy made on that day along with all of his loved ones. I will also remember men like your son who are willing to put their lives on the line day in and day out for all of us so that we can enjoy our many freedoms we so seldomly take for granted. Continue to honor your son's memory with such class and dignity. God Bless you both.

Kristin DelNagro
Wife of NYS Trooper
Z/Sgt. George DelNagro
Rochester, NY


Hello Mike,

I just wanted to say thank you so much, the tye bands turned out much better then the picture could give them credit for and I am amazed at how light they are. I barely notice it when I have it on. I am not sure if you have recieved a letter from Sgt. Foyteck's mom *Connie*. But she was definetly suprised by the bands. She recieved them the day before Mother's Day and she said that it was the greatest mothers day present she has ever recieved. Expecially with Missy on them. So thank you for honoring our family members in a way that no one else can, and continuing to bring the smiles back on others faces as you have done for our two families. Again thank you for adding Mr. Potato Head to my husband's bands, that was a gift that unfortenetly was taken away from us when it was left in Iraq and it was a gift you gave back to us on the band's. I've already had some other family's comment on the bands and will probably get in touch with you to make there loved one as well.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Amanda Spohn

"It is not my job to die for my country... It is my job to make the other guy die for HIS country" SGT. Foyteck.. KIA Oct. 30, 2006

At 11:20 PM 5/3/2008, you wrote:

Mr. Pratt,

I really appreciate you taking the time, and I must say I am amazed at how good the picture actually turned out. You and your team did an amazing job. I agree with you that the feild green does the picture more justice. And I proof read all of it and everything is correct.

Thank you soo much..His mom is going to be in tears when she sees these...

Amanda Spohn

The Tye Band Company made Tye BandsTM for all the members of the Panama City Police Department. After receiving his special, solid brass Police Tye BandTM,

Captain Duane Bishop, of the Panama City Police sent The Tye BandTM Company the following email:

Dear Mike & Rita,
It's Friday and what a wonderful surprise, I don't mean to sound prideful, but the badge one you made me is the best
looking of all. I posted a notice on the bulletin board for the rest and before I could make it back to my office, 4 were taken.
Again, thank you for everything that you have, and are doing for all of us.
I'll forget Tye when I forget how to breathe. He will be immortal !
God Bless and take care,
Captain Duane D. Bishop
Inspector, Special Operations
Panama City Beach P. D.

5/2/2008, you wrote:
Subject: Sincerest Thanks!


Please tell Mr. Pratt, that there are no words to express my joy at reading your email this evening. I am honored to have been a part of this for Tony's family. He was a wonderful friend, father, brother, son and especially a wonderful Trooper. I know his family will be elated about this, since they are unaware of my emails to you all. It should be a wonderful surprise and great honor for them, knowing that Mr. Pratt honored their fallen hero as he has done. He is a wonderful man and he does wonderful things, may God continue to bless him in his life's journey and watch over him, along side Tye, who I know is honored to be his son...yesterday, today and always. Please give him my deepest, dearest thanks for this.

Tiffany G. Youngblood


Hi, I want to appologize for just getting back to respond from your last e-mail. Just want to thank you so much for keeping intouch regarding my Tye Band for my uncle

David. Even me being about (3) years older than my sweet uncle, David Joubert Sr., he always called me his neice: o)

I just can't thank you and your family enough for creating the Tye Band. It is such a wonderful comfort to me and my family.

May god bless Lovingly

At 01:02 PM 3/22/2008, you wrote:

Just to let you know I received my Ty Band about a week ago now and I love it !

It's like having him here.

Thank you so much.



I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

This has been wonderful having him around my wrist to when I need a quick reminder of how lucky I am to have a wonderful brother! Thank you again Mike and Staff!


Heather Martin- Bollinger proud sister of SSGT Jon Martin


Mr. Pratt,

Mike, Thank you for the great job on the Tye Band bracelet, my father cried when he opened it. I haven't seen my father cry in over thirty years. It is incredible the emotion that can come from a mear piece of tin, with an inscription. My father placed it on his wrist immediately and had difficulty reading it through his tears. I could see the intense emotion and pride on his aged face. He said it was the most beautiful gift I ever gave him. Thank you again and from time to time if it is ok with you, I would like to just send an email to say hello.

Your friend


At 01:36 PM 2/5/2008


Just wanted to let you know that I received my band today (breast cancer memorial to my mother). It came out beautifully. The white background really makes the pink pop out. The photo is wonderful too. It is so nice to look down and see my mother's face. It is so detailed that I can see her blue eyes again. Thank you so much!

Attached is a little blip about my mother and pictures for which you asked. I went to your website and was so surprised to see my mother's picture there. Now she will forever be immortalized. Thank you again!

Alison Lloyd Click... Here

At 12:53 PM 1/31/2008, you wrote:

Thank you so much Mr. Mike for all of your hard work.

TheTye Band look wonderful. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for the hard work that you do for the Police Force, Military and whomever else orders your bands. Tye was a lucky man to have a Father & Mother that loved/loves him very much.

God Bless
Susan Gibson

1/28/2008, you wrote:

Mr. Pratt,

We received our Tye Bands today and they look amazing. I want to thank you so much for what you have done. My husband couldn't be happier. Thank you for everything.

Thanks again,


Dear Mr Pratt,

I received my TyeBand and TyeTags for Officer Chuck Cassidy today and they are more beautiful then I could
have ever imagined. I talked to you on the phone and you said that you were in the process of trying color pictures and weren't
sure how they would turn out. Well, I can not say enough about the color pictures. They turned out wonderful, once again you did
a fantastic job. I can hardly wait to give Chuck's wife Judy her TyeTag I know she will just love it. Also I have read every word
on your web site (it took me days) about all the great things you and your wife are doing for everyone, you two are truly wonderful
people and your dedication to your wonderful son is wonderful. I'm truly sorry for your loss and know that your son is smiling down you and your wife and saying YOU DO REMEMBER ME and are doing a fantastic job. Once again thank you foreverything.

Dolores Gallagher


Thank you so much, I received my "Tye Band" today January 26, 2008!

I love it and it is so wonderfully made.

God bless you for all of your hard work, and all of the people who were involved in helping you.

Thank you, Thank you!!!

Farra Ratliff


Hello Mr. Pratt

Thank you SO much for what you do & the respect that you show for these officers. I am so sorry for the loss of your son....I hope you know that through this work you do, his life continues in a special way.

Kelly Stewart

Wife of Officer Michael Stewart, Suprise Police Department


Mike & Rita,

Just a quick note to say we’re thinking of you today and always on the anniversary of Tye’s death.

Thank you so much for utilizing Tye’s legacy to help us to make an impact on young people in our community….it truly does not go unnoticed!


Thomas R. Kunkel

Chief Professional Officer

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands
2610 Hamilton Street
Omaha, NE 68131

"Teaching youth the skills they need to succeed in life"



At 09:49 AM 8/17/2007, you wrote:

I just came across your site... This is a wonderful thing you have done for the officers.

I commend you.

Thank You,

~Tina Popolizio~ Memorial Page of Ofc. Popolizio


I would also like to take a moment to say what a very wonderful & loving idea these Tye Bands are. They are so nicely done and what a beautiful tribute to our lost heroes that will last a lifetime.

Thanks again,

Jill Holly

sister-in-law to Anthony Jon Holly EOW 2/19/07

7/26/2007, you wrote:


Just a note to let you know we are very happy and satisfied with the Tye bands you designed for our son Kyle. I find myself wearing one everyday and feel I have a part of Kyle with me at all times. I am still deciding which one that I will place our bigger order from. We have shown them to several people that were important in Kyle's life and getting their opinion about which ones they like best. I also, want to thank you for the memorial for Kyle on your website. It is people such as yourself that are making the healing process easier. I will keep you up to date on the additional Tye Bands we will order.

The attached picture is of a brigde dedication the State of Montana did for Kyle and our Family. It is located about 4 miles from our house on Rock Creek, in a place Kyle loved so much.

Thank you again, Mike!

Lisa Bohrnsen

At 12:43 PM 7/10/2007, you wrote:

Dear Mr.Pratt

Hi it's Buddy Early who spoke with you on the phone this morning.
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed our conversation this morning & I look forward to receiving my Tye Band very much!

As a former Police Sgt. here in Arkansas I have continued to hold the values set place in me through my years of law enforcement.
It was a time in my life that I will reflect fondly on despite the injuries that will plague me the rest of my life.

As I stated I did not know Cpl.Dunham or his family, However it's brave young men like your (Son & Cpl.Dunham) that reflect the
Very Best Of America , I still have to be reminded of that from time to time after dealing with so much BAD, Even in the Private Investigation Buisness, Or perhaps moreso LOL !

The main reason I purchased the Tye Band was because of the selfless act of Courage and heroism Cpl.Dunham displayed without thought or regard to his own life, He Just Did It!!! & Others lived as a result!

When I look at this Band it will reflect Not Only Cpl. Dunham ,But" all the Brave young men & women from (Not Only) the Military

But Law Enforcment aswell that have given the greatest sacrificeknown to man, This Band will continue to remind me of there sacrifices through the years, I think God there are still Officers like your Son

Mr. & Mrs.Pratt & Cpl. Dunham, God knows we would certainly love to have them back with us today, However what you are doing will immortalized these fine young men & women so they may continue to live in our hearts & minds forever,

May God Bless you and ALL the PRATT family.

Buddy Early

At 07:33 PM 7/5/2007, you wrote:

Mr. Mike Pratt

I got the Tye Band for Shad Nicks earlier this week, but with the holiday I havent been able to contact you until now. It is just awesome. I have already had a few people ask what it represents since I slipped it on. I also want you to know that I appreciate you putting the info about Shad up on your website too. I have already shown the website to my aunt (Shad's mother) and she thought it was just a great thing to be out there for people to see and read. She had no idea such a thing existed until I told her about it, and then she actually got to see the band, not just the picture you have on your site.

Once again I want to thank you and everyone that assisted on the Tye band. It will be worn with pride not only for my family, but yours also, as well as all others who have lost their life.


The Bosley's
Rick, Dana, Eli, and Anna!

At 10:56 AM 7/1/2007, you wrote:






At 9:21 AM 7/3/2007, you wrote:





HERE IS WHAT WAS SENT TO "Taps Publication"


At 08:37 AM 6/18/2007, you wrote:

We just recieved our Tye bands. thak you so much for putting your specail touches and personal effort into them. They turned out beautiful and my daughters will wear them with pride. Thank you again.

Myrna Prendes

At 11:18 AM 5/16/2007, you wrote:

Hey. Well, I sent a lil message to Lisa thru her reflections on the officer down memorial page. I mentioned your website in my message for all to read. I was telling her how I had met the most incredible man because of her and that I hoped I did her proud by finding the BEST memorial band to honor her. I hope that anyone that reads that reflection looks at your site to honor Tye while honoring her. Your band has helped me in the grieving process as well to focus on what you have done in the memory of Tye. Because of YOU, I have been able to put Lisa in a resting place in my heart and go on knowing that I can still make her proud and still move on with my life.

At 09:01 PM 5/13/2007, you wrote:

Hi!!! I love it! She looks absolutely beautiful.
Just so you know, I emailed your website to over 100 people after we spoke with instructions to email it to everyone they know. I hope that I can help share your message to many more people as well. I am glad that I

got to police dept involved in your site because many have come to me to tell me how incredible the site is and just how handsome your son IS. ;-) That site means so much to people in just giving hope to know that those that are lost are never forgotten. The message stands for more than just those fallen soliders of public service as well as military. You have changed my life in just those few hours and I will NEVER be the same and that was because of you, not your son but you.

Your son was the catalyst to bring about the meeting but you were the one that changed my world. I am inspired, appreciative, and eagerly waiting to share others your message. Thank you for taking the time to let me "in" and I will always be grateful for that.


At 03:40 PM 5/5/2007, you wrote:

Hi Mr. Pratt,

I spoke with you yesterday (Friday, May 4) evening ordering two Tye tags for my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. Here are two pictures of Keith that are very similar. I can't remember why we have two but I think my husband (Keith's brother) was trying to make one of them clearer for the television stations to use. I want to reiterate how awesome the idea of the Tye Band came about.

We do not realize how many men and women are out there trying to protect our daily living until it hits home.

You want to reach out or try and do something to make sense of it all . What you are doing has definitely made an impact on our lives.

God Bless you and your family.
Janie Dressel

At 07:56 PM 4/24/2007,
From: Cooper Brian, TS-64
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 10:49 PM

To: ''

Subject: Tye bands

Mr. Pratt,

I just got off the phone with you about the bands. We were talking
about Ofc. Kevin Carper in Spartanburg County SC. I would like to say
again how sorry I am for your loss. But as you stated I bet that your
son and my friend are in Heaven as we speek. Mr. Pratt it was truly an
honor talking to you. I think what you are doing is wonderful. I cant
wait until I can get my order up so that I can honor Carper. I am so
very happy that you are doing this so that other people can see just
how important public service work is. It takes a special person to do
the job. Mr. Pratt your son is that special person and I just wish I
could have known him. One day I will see him and my friend again. GOD

bless you and your family.


Brian L. Cooper
Fire Department


Sir, they look great, as far as price I just need to know the final cost for each band. I have got some money from the Coke Company so the men will not have to pay as much total or I can have some of them get it free and others will pay a little. I dont think the cost to the men would affect them getting it or not, these will be priceless. I talked to the men about your offer to send ones for the families and they agreed that we should give them in person when we come home, late June now. I will give you my home adress so you can ship them there after we pat for them. Also, the extra money I send for you to put in your fund is well worth it. You guys provide the men and their famly a great service and way to remember there fallen men, be it soldiers or police officers. I am looking forward to seeing the embeded example. Once we see it I will let you know which ones and how we will send the money. A large chunk will come from Coke, one of my men's dad is high up in Texas. Then the rest we will probably use credit cards and such. The final count is 89.

Thanks again,

1SG Jamie Nakano
TF Spartan
B 1-32 IN
APO AE 09354
FOB Camp Blessing


Mr. Pratt

Thank you for doing what you do.

My name is Rick Balfanz and I have been a police officer for just under a year now. I love my job more than anything I have ever done in my life. I am so proud to say that I am a police officer. I have just spent over an hour reading your pages, laughing smiling, crying, and proud to be able to say I am in the same brotherhood as Tye. I hope I can be half as good of a cop as he was. It is stories like Tyes that make me so proud to do what I do. To be able to say I have some connection with people of such high quality that Tye was. No, I never met him or have even been in the same state as he worked. But just from reading the comments from his friends, family and fellow officers, you can tell who he was. You are doing an incredible thing with the Tye Bands. I have a friend that went to High School with Keith Dressel, and was good frends with him. I don't think he knows anything about TyeBands, but I garantee you after my next payday he will. I am going to purchase one of them for him, and one of the OKCOPS ones for myself.

I just wanted to say thanks, I wish more people thought as highly of police officers.


Officer Richard Balfanz
Badge #19
Oklahoma State Universtiy Police Department

At 12:19 PM 3/22/2007, you wrote:


Thank you so much for your support and empathy. Im retired NYPD three years ago.

Something was said at one of the many funerals I attended. It was something to the effect of this person will live as long as
someone is here to remember. What you have done will allow Tye to be remembered and live on for an eternity.
You are keeping his legacy alive and you should be very proud... I know he is.

Thanks again

Andrew A. Smith

Ambassador’s Protection Detail
United States Embassy
Baghdad Iraq

At 01:42 PM 3/23/2007, you wrote:

I am the daughter of Sgt Maj Michael Mettille. I caught word of what you do and got excited to order one for myself.

Thanks so much... especially for creating such a wonderful product.

At 11:16 AM 2/20/2007, you wrote:

Mike and Rita, I hope you two are doing well.

I have to tell you, if you guys send another donation, not only will I cry, but I might just pack up and move in with you. Just joking :)

I want to thank you for your donation of $200.00. Your continued support is very much appreciated and needed. I wanted to send a nice thank-you card, but haven't been able to, because of lack of transportation):

PULSE is in the process of connecting with Sacred Heart, to start and after-school program for at-risk-youths. Please say a prayer!!!!!!

Plus, please don't forget our up-coming Pre Mother's Day Dinner. If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know.

Again, "THANK YOU" for your continued support.


Executive Director of P.U.L.S.E.

Hello Mr. Mike,

This is Stephanie Barry I spoke with you yesterday reguarding my Henry Prendes Tye Band order.

I wasn't able to get ahold of Dawn Prendes. I want to give you her e-mail so you could communicate
with her directly.

I know that she would love to here about Tye and she would be thrilled to here about
your cause to carry on Tye's and all fallen Heros memory!

Thank you for sharing memories of Tye with me today. I wish I could have met Tye.

Through your efforts of Tye bands and his website I feel like I have been able too.

He will be in our prayers as will you and your wife and family!! Tye, Henry and all other fallen heros will live for ever
through us our children and theirs! I can't wait to give my husband his Tye band and Tyetag of Henry he doesn't know,
I'm so excited to surprise him with them.

Thank you

Stephanie Barry

At 09:33 PM 12/22/2006, you wrote:

Dear Mr. Pratt:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and express my appreciation for your efforts and hard work in making our Pentagon K9 Tye bands a reality. They're more than we ever imagined and everyone is extremely pleased.

Through your efforts you helped us design a small token through which we can honor the contributions and efforts of our dogs at the Pentagon following the tragic events of 9/11. We're eternally grateful to you. Thanks again.

On a personal note, as a retired law enforcement officer and as a father, I wanted to relay a few personal thoughts to you and your family.

I've visited your website on countless occasions and have pored over the many aspects of Tye's life which you so proudly and eloquently have documented. Every time I leave those pages I do so with the same impression, --What a remarkable and complete young man.

Although I never had the pleasure nor honor to meet Tye Pratt, through those pages and the few conversations I've had with you, I feel like know him. To me Tye was very much like many of those "special" young officers

I've either taught or had the distinct pleasure to be associated with during my 30 plus years of service. The kind of young man and police officer you always walked away from with that real good feeling in the pit of your stomach and always thinking, "The future is in good hands".

The bitter reality of life reminds me that during the course of my own career I've experienced the loss of friends and fellow law enforcement officers taken way before their time. While I still grieve, I fondly remember them, honor their life and memory, and will cherish their contributions and sacrifices forever.

It will be an honor for me to do the same with the memory of your son, Tye Pratt.

I thank you and your family for everything you do to honor both his life and memory. You are truly a blessed and remarkable family.

My best wishes to you all.

Fernando Fernandez
retired FBI Agent

At 08:36 PM 12/11/2006, you wrote:

Mr. Pratt, I recieved the bands today and they look great. Im sure my family will be as pleased with them as i am. Once again i would like to thank you for helping me with this memorial. If there is anything i can do to assist you with anything , feel free to contact anytime. Thank you, Ofc. "Ricky" Shinholser #6427

At 12:33 PM 12/3/2006, you wrote:

Happy Holidays Mike you are always working hard to make life great for others, God Bless to you and Rita, John Hoich

At 09:42 AM 11/30/2006,

Thank you for providing this site and your mission to honor those who serve and protect everyday. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sarah Van Syoc, Oviedo, FL

At 07:09 PM 11/29/2006, you wrote:

Nikole (Lawson) is my daughter-in-law and would like it in blue. Thank you so much for doing these. Nikole's father worked with Mr. McLochlin and he used to "pull her over" when she was a teenager just to say hi. Her and her dad really miss him and this will give her a little bit of comfort. May God bless you and your family during this Christmas season and always.


At 04:33 PM 8/29/2006, you wrote:

Dear Mike,

It is with tears streaming down my cheeks that I send you this response. I was so touched and overwhelmed by your
thoughtfulness, that I broke down emotionally. I have not yet, nor do I know if I will ever accept the loss of my mom.

Your offer to make the bracelet for me is generous and kind. I will repay you.
I am attaching a photo of my mom. She was the most beautiful woman I've
ever seen, and I would love to extend her image for the rest of my life on this bracelet.

Just as important, whenever someone asks about the bracelet, I am going to tell them the story
of my brother Officer Tye Pratt, so that his memory too could live on forever.

Thank you for sharing your son with us.

I hope this picture works well. It depicts her as I want to remember her.

Thank you, Rick Martinez, NYPD-SWAT, Ret


At 01:50 PM 10/23/2006, you wrote:

Dear Mike,

I know you’re out of the country right now. Unfortunately my vocabulary is not extensive enough to properly put into words the bittersweet joy I feel as I look at my ‘TYE’ band.

Each time I glance over at my wrist, my mom is looking right at me!

I did not anticipate the flood of emotions that overwhelmed me when I opened the box.

I say it’s bittersweet because I miss her immensely, but at the same time, I feel good knowing that she is in Heaven finally at peace.

I will wear this band until the day that I am called to be with her.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my family. I gave one to my dad and each of my siblings, and together, we cried, we laughed, we loved.

I will be sending one to close relatives here and Puerto Rico where she is from.

Every person I give one to, I have, and will tell them the story of Tye Pratt and his amazing dad.

I will dedicate mass this Sunday to you and your family, that God bless you with everlasting peace and reward you with the knowledge that your son, and you, are Angels doing God’s work.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.

Rick Martinez, NYPD-SWAT, Ret

**************** REPLY SEPARATOR **************


At 11:23 PM 10/23/2006, Mike Pratt wrote:


I was just getting thing ready to build Valentina's memorial web page and while doing a search on my computer,
I found your above email !

It must have got misplaced after I down loaded hundreds of email when we returned from our trip.

I have yet to receive a letter which has honored Tye more then yours. For this I say thank you.

To know that because of my son's sacrifice, that you and your family, have in some small way, been comforted... well words can
not tell you how I feel but the story isn't about Tye's dad but of Tye and your enduring love for your mother... that is the story.

My hope is, when we all get to the marriage feast in Heaven that God will allow our family to sit next to yours.

Write when you can.

I would love to take you duck hunting. You could stay with us and I know we would have a great time together.

You friend

Mike Pratt Sr.

Hello Mike-----I was very glad to hear from you. I trust your trip went well.

I cannot tell you how amazing the reaction is whenever I tell people here about Tye.
You have new family here in New York City!

It would be my honor and privilege to meet you and your family.
Perhaps the day will come when we can get together, either there, or I'd be just as thrilled to host you here in NY.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall have peace; and blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted"

God Bless, Your Friend in NY, Rick

Rick Martinez
Chief of Security

Bethel Performing Arts Center


At 01:11 PM 10/23/2006, you wrote:

I was in awe with the beautiful bands honoring our fallen officers. Just as Officers Pratt father I was disappointed with the band from the NLEOM. It just did not move me in anyway. It was so wonderful to see my nieces band on your list. (Deputy Angelic Garcia).

I was wondering if I could order a band and tag with a different picture of Angelic. I look forward to your respond. Thank you so much for a beautiful memorial.


Norma Gonzales
Aunt of
Deputy Angelic S. Garcia

BCSO - 291
EOW - 3/4/2001

At 08:27 PM 10/19/2006, you wrote:


Just wanted to let you know the check for Jeff's memorial fund arrived

today. Thanks for all your help and it was very kind of you to add the

additional funds. I will be sure to let Jeff's wife know how much you and

your family have done to honor Jeff. I know it is very much appreciated. God

bless you and your family.

Dan Pryor



Thank you so much for the band in memory of my daughter, Jessica Lynn Tate.

I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

You have done a beautiful job with this.

I think what you are doing is terrific, and I thank you for it.

When I am a little more calm in the emotion department, I will call you.

Thank you again,

Janice Tate

Office of General Counsel
U.S. Marshals Service Headquarters

"Mike Pratt Sr." <> wrote:

Dear Officer Anthony,

Tye video is up and running again ...just like you & Tye do every day!
Please go there and listen to the words...

Thanks for all you have done to honor my son and please pass these videos on!

Respectfully Yours,

Mike Pratt
Father of Fallen Officer Jason TYE Pratt

The Tye Band Company
"The Bands that TYE us ALL Together"
Keeping His Legacy ALIVE !


512 North Spruce St.
Valley, NE 68064 -9670
Home (402) 359-2249
Voice/Fax (402) 359-5539
Cell (402) 850-4948


At 03:14 PM 7/18/2006, you wrote:

Mr. Pratt

Thank you for the video. It was very emotional to watch. You are the type of father ALL kids want. Tye was truly blest to have such a great family. What you have done already is enough so that TYE will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!
I never met Tye but because of you I feel like he was my brother. I feel that I grew up with him. His loss is shared by everyone that you touch!

GOD BLESS you Mr Pratt

And Thank YOU

Ofc. Anthony Poreca
Toronto, Ohio Police Dept.


At 03:41 PM 8/2/2006, you wrote:
Mr. Pratt
Thank you for sending the video's to me. It was very hard to sit and watch this video. But after I was done watching the first I watched the second where his brother talked. I thought to myself. How is this man standing there talking after his brother had just gotten killed? I could feel the pride he had in being tye's brother.
Tye is an awesome Man! Tye may of gotten killed but he is not dead. His spirit is alive and strong. Tye is with all of us that have crossed paths with YOU. After spending hours on your website, watching the videos, looking at old family photos I feel like Tye was an old friend. Since you sent me the TYE band just about everyday someone asks me what im wearing. I Love telling them the story of Tye and of his fathers mission to make sure that TYE will live forever and NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

Mr. Pratt God Bless you and your Family
You Son in Ohio


At 01:28 PM 4/6/2006
Dear Mr. Pratt:
On behalf of Deputy Joseph Whitehead's family and the Bibb County Sheriff's Office
thank you for everything you have done to honor the memory of Joe.
I am forwarding your message and the link to the page you built for Joe to
everyone at the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.
Deborah Perkovich
Mike; Thank you for what you are doing to honor, not only your son, but all of the Fallen Officers.
Greg's badge number is 1582
Thanks again.
Chuck Robertson
San Bernardino County Sheriff
Morongo Basin Station
P.O.Box 337
Joshua Tree, Ca. 92252
Hi Mike and Rita,
I just received my Tye Band last week, and have been wearing it since. I went ‘back home’ over the weekend, and it drew much attention and conversation. I was at the Elks Lodge, and gave your web site out to a few people. What you are doing is a good thing and a wonderful way to honor Tye.
Thanks again,
COPS National
I cannot thank you enough for my bracelet and words cannot express the beauty of it.
Thank you again,
Deb Azure
Mother of Deputy Renee Azure - EOW 08/06/02
Subject: RE: East Palo Alto PD - Tye Bands - In
Honor of Ofc. Richard A. May JR.
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006
Mike, we received the memory bands. They LOOK
great. Thank you very much for you hard work, we greatly appreciate it.
Take care and be safe, and continue your hard work and commitment to your son Tye
Good bless,
Ofc. Anglel Sanchez
Subject: Re: Need a Tye Band - David Wayne Manning
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006
Oh, the Band is beautiful. I opened this today, my
birthday and the day he died. thank you so very much, please let me know how
much to send you. I miss him very much. Jeri Manning Robinson.
Gulfport, MS Police
Spoke with Jay last night. I am going to take photographs of the Tye Bands
you sent him and take orders for Gulfport P.D. Jay said the workmanship is great. Good Job
Ofc. Jonathon MC Carty
From: "Capt. Frank Jordan" <>
Subject: Tye Bands for officers
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 19:26:03 -0600
Dear Sirs,
Fairbury Police Department has 11 officers, and I am the Captain, Frank Jordan.
How can we receive Tye Bands to wear in support of the Program like the Lincoln Police Department.
Please let me know what we need to do.
Captain Frank Jordan
Fairbury Police Dept.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to
address our membership here in Lincoln. Our members feel that what you are
doing is very special and they were glad that you stopped by at our meeting.
I will have your link added to our website.
Thanks again,
Subject: East Palo Alto Police (Officer Rich May)
I am absolutely at a loss for words on how happy I am with the "Tye Bands"
we ordered in memory of Officer Richard May.
Thank you,
Ofc. Brian Frayer, Treasurer
East Palo Alto Police Officer's Association =========================================================
At 10:45 AM 2/2/2006, you wrote:
I am an investigator for the Dawson County Sheriff's Office in Lexington, NE. I just read about the scholarship fund for NLETC that you have established in Tye's honor and think it's an incredible thing that you're doing.
A number of us at DCSO are intersted in supporting you.
We would like to have a band that says "In honor of Ofc. Tye Pratt & All Police Officers Both Standing and Fallen" on one side, our star or logo in the center, and possibly the NLETC logo or something to the effect of supporting the scholarship fund on the other side. I just wanted to check on prices and availability of colors, etc, for something like that. I think we would have several people order if I was to post all of the information for them.
I can guarantee that we hadn't heard anything about this until I read it this morning in the paper or we'd have done it sooner.
If you could let me know either by e- mail or by cell phone it would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Inv. Heather M. Miller
Dawson County Sheriff's Office =====================================================================
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006
Subject:Tye Bands for 1LT Jaime Campbell
I have been through your website over and over and my heart goes out to you and your family. Tye must have been something special. Everyone is special but some are just above and beyond and that is what Tye must have been. Please know that we will not forget.
I still haven't gotten all of the orders for Jaime's Tye bands but I will contact you in a few weeks with the order. Thank you so much for all you have done, not only for our family but all of the other families as well. I'm sure you know that once you have lost your loved one in a tragedy, every time another officer or soldier dies, it's just like losing your own all over again. God Bless, I'll talk to you soon.
Elsie Chiles
Aunt of 1LT Jaime Campbe


Mr. Pratt,

Thank you for your email. I am very sorry to be so long in getting back
to you. I was on vacation and unfortunately some of the "station" email fell through the cracks while I was gone.

We certainly appreciate your support and understanding; understanding that only a fellow victim of something like this can really give. I'm very sorry to hear you lost your son. I'm sure it is still very difficult and you miss him beyond words. You have my heartfelt sympathy.

The bands you have created are beautiful and such a wonderful remembrance. I look forward to seeing them and know the families willappreciate them as well!

If I have officers that would like to order additional bands, is that something that is possible?

Again, thank you for thinking of us and taking on this project. The generosity of others has certainly been reassuring to us.

Thank you,

Captain Susan Culin
Commander, Sully District Station
4900 Stonecroft Boulevard
Chantilly, VA 20151

At 08:31 AM 4/24/2006, you wrote:
Mr Pratt,
The Tye Bands were deliverd Thursday afternoon. They look great! I
We can't thank you enough for your kindness and support. You and your wife
have taken an absolutely horrible loss and turned it into an incredible
source of inspiration and strength for so many people. We at the Bibb
County Sheriff's Office appreciate all that you do.
Deborah Perkovich
Secretary to Sheriff Modena
Bibb County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 930
Macon, Georgia 31202-0930
At 08:15 AM 5/3/2006, you wrote:Thanks so much for sending this to me...I have spent Hours !!, on your web site looking at everything...
and haven't even seen half .... I can't imagine the time you must have put into this all..and I see there is more to come....
it is one of the greatest testaments of parental love I think I have ever seen!Patricia C Godden
At 03:03 PM 10/29/2004, you wrote:
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Pratt:
I wanted to thank you for the beautiful Tye band you sent to me honoring my husband, Jerry Ortiz. I am so grateful.
Thank you so much for this beautiful keepsake. If I wanted to order more please let me know at your convenience.
My prayers are with you and your son.
Chela Ortiz
At 01:05 PM 5/17/2006, you wrote:
Hi Mike and Rita

I'd like to thank you for meeting with us last Sunday for dinner. You've given us lots of ideas - many of them will take days for us to distill through our brains :)

I firmly believe that us meeting the way we did was not some sort of coincidence and how the whole event transpired really has me in awe. You guys were everything - and more - than I thought you would be. Wasn't it amazing how the four of us sat down and started talking like old friends after about 30 seconds ? That doesn't happen often and won't be quickly forgotten. What you have done with the Tye-Bands is truly inspiring and a perfect way to honor your son.

Greg Wynn
TS Installed Base Mgr/Public Sector
The Hewlett-Packard Co.


Published Wednesday - July 21, 2004



Pratt's dad designs 5 wristbands for charity

Omaha Police Sgt. Jason Tye Pratt's parents want to give back to the community that supported their family when Pratt was killed in September.
So when people in grocery stores and gas stations began asking Pratt's father about the wristbands he designed in memory of his son, Michael Pratt and his wife, Rita, decided to sell the bands and use the profits to help fund programs at two local centers for disadvantaged youths.
For two months, Michael Pratt worked on a Web site from which he now sells the wristbands and shares stories and photographs of Tye.
The site,, went online last weekend, Michael Pratt said, and the response so far has been wonderful.
Five styles of bands are available: two with pictures of Tye; one with the logo for the Omaha Police Department's SWAT team, of which Tye was a member; one with a drawing of Tye's badge; and another with Michael Pratt's rendition of a picture from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.
Profits made from the bands will help support programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs in north and south Omaha, Michael Pratt said.
He said he hopes people buy the bands to help support community youths and also to carry on his son's legacy.
"I know that Tye lived . . . to make a difference," he said. "And he is going to, in a way, keep making a difference."

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